I asked myself that same question. Turns out I’ve been a Humanist all along. Maybe you are too, so if you are interested here is some more information.

Humanism is a non-religious ethical philosophy, a way of life and a way of thinking, that involves adherence to strong ethics, an emphasis on human rights, and respect for the Earth and its creatures. A Humanist works toward creating a more humane and responsible world, with a commitment to reason and compassion.

If you agree with most of the following statements then you just might be a Humanist too!

  • The universe is natural, neither for us nor against us
  • Natural events have natural causes
  • We human beings are part of nature and have kinship with all life
  • Morality is a challenge to be figured out by human beings from experience and our interactions with others
  • Compassion, empathy and reason are a natural guide to deciding right from wrong:  we are responsible to ourselves and to each other to do what’s right
  • Human beings are communal animals: people need each other and learn from each other
  • Reason is a useful and powerful tool for solving problems, and the methods of science help us understand ourselves and the universe we live in
  • Humans are presented with possibilities and opportunities, living together on a crowded planet;  we should work on our problems, learning from others, and not ask or expect supernatural intervention to solve them
  • What happens to us often results from choice and by chance, through the actions of the natural world and how we interact with others; it is not determined by stars and planets, or by gods or other supernatural forces
  •  There are no promises of special privilege to anyone,  neither is anyone doomed or afflicted
  • We all have ideas. It’s right to be open to learn from others and hear their views
  • Individual freedom of choice and freedom of expression is part of being human and worth defending