Finding someone you want spend your life with is the hardest part! But now that you have decided to get married there is also some important legal housekeeping. Here’s how it works.

Contact me for a meeting

This is where we will get to know each other and talk about your wedding. If you decide to book me as your officiant then we will sign a contract and you give me a deposit. After this we will work together on your ceremony to make sure that it’s everything you dream of.

Get a Marriage License
You are responsible for getting your marriage license – without it I can’t perform your ceremony. You can get one from any municipality in Ontario and use the license in Toronto or any other Ontario city. The license fee can be paid by cash, money order, certified cheque, or credit card. It’s valid for 3 months and there is no waiting period – you can get married right away if you want. Either or both of the people to be married can get the license, just bring your ID. There are no citizenship or residency requirements to apply for a marriage license in Ontario. 
If you are divorced you must provide either the original or a court-certified copy of your certificate of divorce, or Decree Absolute. 

Get Your Witnesses
You must have two witnesses present over the age of 18 for your ceremony.  

Marriage Paperwork
At the end of the ceremony, you and your witnesses will sign the license and Marriage Register. As your Officiant I will give you a Record of Solemnization of the Ceremony and within 48 hours I will file your license with the Province so your marriage will be legally registered. After 6 to 10 weeks you may apply for a Certificate of Marriage Registration from the Registrar General. Please note there is currently a huge backlog at the Registrar General so if you apply for your certificate online and are told your marriage is not registered don’t panic! Currently it can take longer than 12 weeks to get weddings registered.

You are invited to provide me with feedback about my services at any time. Complaints relating to misconduct, incompetence or incapacity as set out in the Ontario Humanist Society Ethical Principles and Humanist Officiant Profile (available at may be directed to the Chair, Ceremonies Committee, Ontario Humanist Society, 265 Gore Street, Almonte, ON,  KOA 1A0 or by e-mail to